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Westfork Construction has progressed over 16 years’, moving towards a more natural build for the environment. Whilst satisfying our needs to create superb low energy homes for our clients, we are constantly building on our experience to improve our service.

In the present economic climate we aim to design and build homes for a low energy future. Westfork Construction use materials that have positive effects on the environment and are resistant to wear without sustaining damage and reduce energy costs, carbon emissions and ill health.

Creating healthy homes which we know are appropriate to meet our customer’s needs, including dealing with the performance gap in areas such as thermal performance, energy use, ventilation systems, indoor air quality, durability and embodied impact. 

Westfork Construction has a professional team of craftsmen, who work together at every stage of the ecobuilding process. We aim to deliver a healthy and comfortable environment through a range of sustainable solutions for design, construction and architecture. 

The common objective is that eco buildings are designed to reduce the overall impact of the built environment on human health and the natural environment by:
• efficiently using natural materials that are available locally,
• including sustainable design and green architecture, and
• costing less to operate by providing excellent energy performance

Testimonial – ECO Build in Oxfordshire

“Westfork built a two-storey extension to my semi-detached house in 2011.  The project included the creation of a single-storey but high roofed music room adjoining the existing house.  From the beginning I was keen in creating and maintaining the right atmospheric conditions in this room, as musical instruments are very susceptible to damage from large variations in humidity and temperature.

As much as possible we used materials to help control humidity, including lime-based plaster and breathable paints.  There was also thick wood-fibre insulation in the roof and a ceiling of clay.  Materials were sourced from companies specializing in natural building products.  The floor is covered in laminated bamboo boards. Doors and windows included acoustical seals.  The heating is put on a separate circuit from the rest of the house for more accurate control.

All these special measures and materials were deployed by Westfork who entered into the spirit of the needs of this build with increasing awareness and understanding.  Their work has resulted in a room that is remarkably consistent in temperature and humidity, more so than I imagined was possible.

I would be prepared to recommend Westfork to anyone seeking special considerations within their build with the use of eco-friendly materials.  Neighbours have commented favourably on the politeness and tidiness of the work force.  Also the work was completed exactly to schedule, which was very impressive given some of the adverse weather conditions during the five-month project.”